• Villa Georgios
    Villa Georgios Villas
    Villa Georgios is a double stores house. It has tow single and one double bedroom. A fully equipped kitchen, a cozy living room, a fire place, the air condition and tow bathrooms promise a pleasant stay.
    100.00 per night
  • Villa Theodoros
    Villa Theodoros Villas
    The stone Villa Theodoros has a single and a double bedroom as well as a stone bed near the fire place. A well organized kitchen a bathroom with Jacuzzi and the air condition offer facilities which make more unforgettable the experience in Astratigos. A traditional environment is a live proof of a way of living from the past.
    100.00 per night
  • Villa Olga
    Villa Olga Villas
    Villa Olga is a new built country house with two stores, and has a double and tow with three beds rooms. There are two bathrooms, a fire place and all the necessary facilities in a fully equipped environment.
    100.00 per night